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Honest and Reliable

I've been going to Verbena for about a year now and it's been profoundly enlightening. Every session I have with her helps me deal with different challenges in my life, whether it's physical, emotional, spiritual or dealing with bad energy that's affecting me. It's been a life changing experience. She's like my spiritual therapist. I don't know what I would've done without her help. I think God and the universe brought her into my life at this specific time to help me get through my life transitions.

Liza M.

Verbena is a true American Indian Healer that has positively impacted my entire family. The wisdom passed on to her by Titus (her grandfather), is simply beyond words! Gratefulness will linger forever within my family.

Silvia H.

There is so much I want to say about Verbena and the guidance she receives from her grandfather (from the spirit world). After my first session with Verbena, I was blown away! I've been to different healers and have had some good results but after our first session I felt a difference! Verbena was the missing puzzle my soul needed. When I came to her, I was broken, full of guilt, shame, full of pain and severe trauma.

As a rape survivor and so many other painful traumas she has helped me heal so many wounds. Wounds that I didn't know existed or wounds that were still affecting me. Before I searched to learn, why me? Why did this happen to me? After working with Verbena, I no longer ask these questions. What Verbena has done for me I could never thank her enough. Not only did Verbena help me heal but this has also helped my family, a true blessing. My hope is that people who are ready to heal know that she will do just that and more. What Verbena offers is amazing, but the true gift is her love to heal and compassion, which is priceless! I know I wouldn't be where I'm at today if it wasn't for Verbena and grandfather's guidance. I am so thankful to have them part of my journey. They have given me a purpose and different outlook on life. 

With lots of love and gratitude, thank you!!

Susie H.

I was recently diagnosed with Spindle Cell Lipoma. In a session with Verbena, her grandfather (from the spirit world) instructed Verbena to place her hands on each side of my abdomen. I felt a jolt of electricity go through my belly. Upon the next evaluation the fatty tumor was gone!

I don't know if her "Shaman Magic" can work for everyone, but I can definitely say Verbena has helped me with several physical and emotional problems.

Curt C.

I am pain free and slept like a baby! You are worth every pound of gold. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

Sally H

I came to Verbena because I knew intuitively, that "my spirit was sick". Despite my best efforts to live positively and purposefully, I felt continually sabotaged, confused, hopeless, and unhappy. Verbena and her Grandfather went to battle for me! They released and cleansed all supernatural attachments that wished me harm from my energetic field! Restored to perfect balance and clarity. I am now free to receive the guidance of the Universe and to fulfill the desires of my heart. Verbena shared her powerful spiritual gift with me, I understand what Tranquility feels like, possibly for the first time in my life. I am so very grateful. Thank you!

Dr. Doris Forte'
Houston Texas

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