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My Story

Hello Friends,

My name is Verbena Freg, my Hopi indigenous birth name is "Ba`voy'on'ma`na." I was raised on the Hopi reservation in Northern Arizona. I'm from the third mesa (Hotevilla). I spent my adolescent years living with my grandfather Titus Qomayumptewa; a well-known healer, farmer, leader, and priest in our community. Not only did he serve the Hopi people, but he also provided healing and shared his wisdom with people around the world. Grandfather passed peacefully in1994 at 109.

Growing up on the farm with Grandfather, has taught me simplicity brings peace and humbleness. We didn't have the conveniences of running water, electricity, or plumbing but we never felt unfortunate or deprived of anything. Matter of fact grandfather would say, "We're the rich ones! We are happy, healthy and Mother Earth provides us with nourishment." He taught me the importance of depending on Earth for food and herbal medicines for health and well-being. Grandfathers greatest gift was passing on to me his sacred Hopi healing practices. To this day, his spirit lives on through me, as he continues to be my teacher and guide from the Spirit World. I am privileged to continue his work and live by his words, "Help humanity so there is peace on Earth, one life at a time."

My healing practice is an expression of who I am and a reflection of the Hopi culture in which I was raised. My work involves the support and presence of spirit guides, angles, ascended masters, ancestors, and animal totems. It also includes ancient spiritual techniques, combined with medicinal herbs and sacred ritual objects. I am blessed to continue Grandfathers healing legacy that has been passed down generation to generation for thousands of years to only a few chosen people. It is a heart centered path honoring humanity and Mother Earth.

If you're ready to make positive changes in your life. I'm here to help guide and support you through these transitions. Allow "Indigenous Healing Hands" be your gateway to a more productive and healthier lifestyle. Come to my Kiva (ceremonial room) and let your healing journey begin! 

In Love and Peace,


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