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Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

With Verbena Freg

"Bring balance and harmony into all aspects of your life."


Alternative Health Treatment

A Unique Approach

Inter-connecting and addressing our physical, psychological and spiritual health. Strengthening all aspects of our body leads to positive change, growth, and healing, and significantly increases the odds for long-term recovery and wellness.


Triggering the healing power of your mind in motion. Removes what is harming you and provides clarity. Aims to create coherence, or agreement, between what the subconscious mind believes is the truth and manifests.


Enhances your body's natural healing processes through improving the operation of your central nervous system and stabilizing the body's blood, oxygen and energy flow.

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"Words of the Hopi People"

To have peace in the world starts with having peace within ourselves.

Verbena Freg


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